About Us

Instant Savings Discount or ISD is a division of Troy, Michigan, USA based InGenious Technology Solutions, LLC  or IGTS  IGTS is focused on bringing innovative and cost-saving solutions to businesses, allowing them to adapt new technologies to their growing company in a cost effective manner. Instant Savings Discount or ISD was created in 2012 as IGTS’s latest innovation, to bring digital marketing solutions to any size businesses.

Our technology is capable of handling the rich and advanced features of digital advertising. Our goal is to bring cutting-edge digital advertising technology to any size business in an affordable way and get them the maximum return on their investment.  Our competitive pricing model is a testament to this philosophy.

Regardless of the state of the economy, consumers need their shopping experience to produce the greatest savings possible, so they can  buy more with their hard earned dollars.   Businesses, too, need to provide their customers with the greatest savings possible in order to   increase their customer base and flourish in their industry.  In the current economic climate, there is an even greater need for consumers to save and businesses to attract new customers.  Our objective is to be the conduit which connects the two, making it a win – win situation for both.  Instant Savings Discount or ISD was established with this goal in mind, to help both consumers and businesses in this historic time of economic difficulty.

We are the first Michigan-based company to develop and introduce true and complete digital advertising to the local market.  We continue to lead the digital marketing and “go green” revolution with our innovative products.